Trevor Lloyd MBE has been binding and restoring antiquarian books for book collectors, dealers, and private libraries for over twenty years.  His knowledge of books and the materials used in their construction – together with his skills as a craftsman bookbinder – enables Trevor to rebind and restore antiquarian books to the exact style of their period and country of origin.  Trevor does amazing work and has a beautiful shop in Ludlow, Shropshire, near to his binding studio.

Blackfox Bindery is an independent bookbinding studio owned and run by Nicky Oliver, a Fellow of Designer bookbinders.  Nicky Oliver has won many prizes for her design bindings, including most recently the Elizabeth Soutar Prize (2016).  She has over 10 years experience working in commercial binderies where she honed a range of skills that include bookbinding, boxmaking, blocking, inlay and onlay work, portfolio making, full leather rebinding and restoration.  Last year, together with other Designer binders, Nicky Oliver was selected to bind one the selected Man-Booker prize finalists.

Peacock Bindery New Zealand. For fine binding and book restoration with edge gilding and rough edge gilding in New Zealand, based on what we have seen of Susan Peacock’s work we recommend looking at Peacock Bindery: It is clear that she is a fine bookbinder. I was amazed at the quality of her rough edge gilding using our tool.

Owl Bookbinding offer everything from traditional book repairs to Ledger binding and edge gilding services.

Media Ace specialise in elegant books and brochures, including those with edge gilding, as well as great packaging and boxes. A dynamic company with a range of products…