We developed the edge gilding heated roller out of a desire to have the means to be in control. To prepare our books perfectly and to edge gild ourselves, so that we could be in control of every step. Of course there are traditional ways of edge gilding which give amazing results using egg albumin and gold leaf, but for many unless this is within your skillset, it is hard with a high frequency of failure. Real gold foil or even fake gold foil is easy to apply but you need the tools.

We tried multiple designs and eventually we came up with the current design which is finely balanced, and can be temperature controlled through a simple power controller. The handle, the weight of the brass roll, and the whole design make this tool a delight to work with, and like all good tools it simply does the work for you. But we believe this is much more than an edge gilding device, it can apply foils over patterns and letters hand scripted. It can be used not just on the edges of books but on the books themselves. The uses of the edge gilding heated roller are diverse and immense, so please just discover for yourselves what you can achieve, and please share your experience with us.